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What are the charges for getting additional E-mail Ids and additional e-mail space?
The charges are Rs 200 for Broadband users and Rs 250 for Total Internet users, this is a yearly charge for each mailbox. The default mail box size for Broadband user is 50Mb and for Total internet users is 5Mb. You can also increase their mailbox size to an additional 75Mb. So Broadband users can have a maximum mail box size of 125 Mb and Total Internet users maximum mailbox size can be 80 Mb.

If you are a Pre-paid customer, you can use the value in your existing account to pay for the charges for these services.

If you have a post paid plan, you will need to submit the Additional Services form ,duly filled along with the charges. You can download the Additional Services form here.

You can purchase up-to a maximum of 75 MB additional mail space, over and above the free limit.
What is an additional mail ID?
An additional mail ID is an extra mail box over your existing user ID
What are the charges for it?
Rs 250 per annum for Total Internet users and Rs 200 for broadband users. This is for the period of one year from the date of requesting an additional mail ID. You can alternatively choose to set this charge on auto renewal to enjoy undisrupted services, you will be sent a notification before and after deduction of charges or choose to disable auto-renewal at any point if you wish to discontinue your this service. You will be reminded about your e-mail expiry or renewal in either case! Please note that this ID will allow access only to e-mail and not internet.
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