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What all does Tata Indicom Mail offer?
Tata Indicom Mail is a full-featured, e-mail system that does not include ad's on e-mail you sent unlike other free mail service providers and also offers you free POP access at no extra charges. The webmail lets you compose, send, receive, and manage email, including multimedia messages, from a browser. You can also create and edit a list of stored personal email addresses for regular recipients of your email. There are various filters which enable you to manage your emails better. Click here to know more on the additional features that you can avail
Do I get an email ID when I register an account with Tata Indicom Broadband?
Yes, you will get one complimentary email ID with a 50 MB mail storage space for Broadband and 5Mb space for Total Internet users. You can purchase additional mail Ids. Your login Id (internet access user ID) is also the default e-mail ID
How do I configure my Email Settings?
Once you have registered with Tata Indicom Broadband, you get an e-mail account. To download mails on your PC, you can configure an e-mail client on your machine. For more details click here Your e-mail account address will be myself@vsnl.net ( in case of prepaid ) and myself@eth.net ( in case of post-paid) , where myself is the User Name you create on registering with Tata Indicom.
What is the maximum Size of a file that I can attach while sending E-mail?
You can have a total e-mail size of maximum 10 MB including the e-mail copy and the attachment size, while sending a mail.
Please note that while sending an email attachment of say 2MB size to 10 email Ids, the data sent by you will be calculated as 10 * 2 = 20 MB.
What is the browser that I should have for the new web mail?
The web mail can work on any java script enabled web browser. The recommended browsers for optimum performance are
Internet Explorer 5.5 and onwards. Netscape Communicator 4.7 and onwards.
How do I avoid typing my User Name every time in sign-in page if I use the same computer?
Check in the checkbox "Remember my User Name on this computer".
How do I check my messages?
Give the sign in name, select the domain name (e.g.vsnl.net, vsnl.com Etc), enter the password. You will land into a summary page. Click on the "Inbox" link to view your messages.
How many messages can I view in a single page?
By default it will show you up to 20 messages. However you can set the number of messages you want to see in a single page. For changing this go to "Options" page, select "Appearance" tab, Go to the "Message List View" section and set the appropriate value.

You can configure the following mail clients for your Tata Indicom e-mail account.

  • Microsoft Outlook Express 4.0 (or) above
  • Microsoft Outlook 97
  • Netscape Messenger
  • Eudora 5
For Pre-paid, The server settings for POP and SMTP are:

  • POP3 (Incoming) Server Name: mail.vsnl.net
  • SMTP (Outgoing) Server Name: smtp.vsnl.net
For Post-paid, The server settings for POP and SMTP are:
  • POP3 (Incoming) Server Name: mail.eth.net
  • SMTP (Outgoing) Server Name: smtp.eth.net
To know the POP and SMTP server names for accessing Tata Indicom Internet Service emails, click here

You can also access your Tata Indicom mail account from anywhere by logging onto http://webmail.vsnl.in
How are the messages sorted in the Inbox page of my mailbox?
By default the messages are sorted on the basis of the date of arrival of the message. You can choose the various other options like Priority, Attachment, From, Subject and Size of the message to decide on the sorting pattern.
What are the various options available to sort the displayed messages?
Based on the sort order by priority of message, with/without attachments, message type i.e. read, unread, deleted, based on the from address, based on the alphabetic order of subject ,date of message and size of message.
Which folders are available by default? Can I create my own folders?
By default you will have Inbox wherein your messages will be delivered, Sent folder wherein you can save your message copy sent from your mailbox, Junk folder wherein you can define your own filters to deliver the mails instead of mailboxes, Drafts folder where you can save unsent messages which you want to view later and Trash folder wherein your deleted messages lie for a day if you have selected default settings.

However, you can create as many personal folders and subfolders as possible.
What is "Get Mail" option in inbox page?
It is a feature to help you refresh your mailbox with any new messages that would have come in.
What is the Block tab for?
You can check in against the sender from who you do not want to receive further mails. You can limit up to maximum 20 such IDs from which the incoming emails will be blocked.
What is "Collect External Mail" tab for?
If you have any other POP account, then we provide you with the feature to fetch the mails from your pop account and store in the folder selected. All you need to do is to provide the mail host, login ID and password details and web mail will.
How much free mail space is available to me?
5 Mb your Tata Indicom Total Internet pack and 50 Mb for Tata Indicom Broadband pack
I want additional mailbox space, how much maximum mail space can I opt for?
Over and above your default mail space your ID. You can purchase up to 75 MB of additional mail space.
Is there a Spam control on Tata Indicom Mail service?
We provide the most advanced anti-spam control to your Tata Indicom mail service. More over you can personalise your filters too to block any IDs from sending you emails.
How do I change my password?
Login to the My Account section of www.tataindicombroadband.in for Broadband user and http://internet.vsnl.in for Total Internet users.

Click the Change Password option.

Click on this option and then change your password.

We recommend that you change your password frequently to minimize possible misuse of the account.
How do I activate additional mail ids ?
Prepaid customers can click here and activate any e-mail related service

For post-paid customers

For availing additional E-mail Ids, you will need to fill in the Request Form for the same and pay for the additional e-mail id charge of Rs 200 p.a per email id. After the same is received by us, we shall call you to confirm the same and you can then configure the same on www.tataindicombroadband.in in the My Account section. Click on "Register paid E-mail Id" in the My Services section submit the additional e-mail Id option that you wish to create.
My internet account has expired. Will my Email ID and stored mails get deleted?
The email service comes along with as part of internet pack. If your primary internet access account expires, you lose your email access and thus your emails are deleted.

To continue using the Tata Indicom E-Mail, renew you account. You will not be able access any e-mail account if your primary account is not active.
Can I change my Email Password?
The internet access password is the default email password. You can change the internet access password to change your email password.
What should I do if I forget my password?
Total Internet/Broadband users click here Forgot Password

For Postpaid customers

Please call customer service in your city and they will reset your password. You can then logon to www.tataindicombroadband.in and change your password.
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